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There are far too many native birds for me to hope to show you them all here - so instead I have selected a few of the more unusual, and many of the ones that I see regularly at home.

You may either select a thumbnail to see just that particular bird, or choose start to view them all, one at a time of course.  The back button on the gumleaf will return you to here, next will move you forward to the next photograph, and home will take you back to the inhabitants page, where you may choose another section to visit.



black swan crimson rosella eastern spinebill eclectus parrot emu
galah golden whistler king parrot Kookaburra Rainbow Lorikeets
Lyrebird Magpie major mitchell maned duck powerful owl
redbrowed firetail silvereyes southern cassowary spotted pardalote Sulphur crested cockatoo
tawny frogmouth wedge-tailed eagle white-faced heron willie wagtail Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo


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