This is a totally arbitrary selection of animals.  They are here simply because I like them.  Some are endangered, some are not, all of them are precious.

You may either select a thumbnail to see just that particular animal, or choose start to view them all, one at a time of course.  The back button on the gumleaf will return you to here, next will move you forward to the next photograph, and home will take you back to the inhabitants page, where you may choose another section to visit.



Common Ringtail Possum Common Wombat Echidna Fruit Bat
Ghost Bat Honey Possum Koala Kowari Kultarr
Long-nosed Potaroo Mahogany Glider Numbat Platypus Quokka
Rock Wallaby Kangaroo Spotted Cuscus Spotted-tailed Quoll Sugar Glider
Tasmanian Devil Tasmanian Tiger Western Barred Bandicoot Woylie Boodie


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